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Received dividends from 2 stocks and market outlook

It is almost the end of the year and the festive mood is everywhere!

Grateful for 2 timely dividends to celebrate with me.

02 Dec 23 – Dividend from NetLink NBN Tr 257.05

29 Nov 23 – Dividend from Frasers Cpt Tr 240.80

This is a total of $497.85. Or shall I say 165 free Toast Box Kopis!

On a side note, I am still waiting to purchase more at low prices. Recently it seems to be a little bullish and many are predicting an end to the US rate hikes.

I guess this is the dilemma every stock trader face?

Buy or wait?

Risk of buying and the stock goes lower or risk of not buying and the stock flying up, making it even more expensive cost.

I will be looking out this coming week, hopefully some clues will emerge.

How are you and your family? Festive mood already?

singapore uncle happy with stock sales
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