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Bought CapLand China T 20000 at 0.8 and dividend from Kep Infra Tr

I am always looking for higher dividend rates but I know that probably comes with a higher risk. Therefore I decided to go with a familiar name at least. Hence I bought CapLand China T 20000 at 0.8. Am impressed at how they reinvent their malls to keep up with current trends in Singapore so hopefully it will be the same for their China malls. Furthermore I believe I am buying in at a discount to their NAV.

The recent low is 0.76+ but I am not looking for sniper precision trades. Error of 5% ish I am ok. The beauty of REITs is dividends will keep coming in!

Speaking of dividends, I received $3600 + from Kep Infra Tr. Their better than expected distribution is really shiok! It is 6% of my invested amount. I probably will find an opportunity to add on to this stock.

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