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Bought NetLink NBN Tr 19300 at 0.82

I added to my NetLink NBM Tr position as I like the idea that it is the only service provider for fibre infrastructure and the dividend seems to be increasing consistently so far.

Of course past performance is not indicative of the future and I am aware that there is an upcoming regulatory review so there is a risk of unexpected developments.

However, now that the price point is more attractive, I figured to just go for it. Unless the dividend policy changes to a big downside, that is the beauty of dividend stocks. I get some cushion and error space with the ongoing payouts.

P/S I wanted to make my holdings a round number. (Yes I am that kind of Singapore Uncle haha). But for some strange reason. I counted wrongly and now I have 29000 instead of 30000. Argghhhhh. OK LA I am blur la!

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